Surfing on Gotland – Find the best waves

The frothy waves that roll in towards the Gotlandic coast on windy days make the island a Swedish gem for surfers. The 80 mile long coastline is ready for kite surfers, wave surfers and wind surfers – and for the SUP enthusiast, of course! Kovik, Ekeviken, Faludden or Gnisvärd are popular places to bring the board to.

If you’re not already “Captain Wave Foam”, there are surfing courses to take. Surf schools and rentals are available on Fårö, in Slite and Gnisvärd.

Make sure to visit Surflogiet in Tofta, which offers surfing, glamping and a cosy beach restaurant where the sea is your nearest neighbour.

Remember that winds and currents can be dangerous. Don’t go out alone and without proper knowledge. And respect nature, landowners and bird sanctuaries.