Stora Gåsemora on Fårö

Fårö can be totally enchanting and one of the places you should visit and stay at is Stora Gåsemora. The farm with the sea to the east where the sun and moon rise above the horizon has views of moorland, sky and sea. The place is a stopover for migrating geese, hence the name.

A rich history

The history of Stora Gåsemora farm can be traced back to the early 17th Century, and is  reflected in the buildings here. If you stay on the farm, you have a choice of rooms dating from the 18th-20th Century. There is also a newly built timber post and plank house and a conference centre.

The farm has been developed into a unique place to stay for both families and companies all year round. This beautiful and historic farm environment with close proximity to all the rauk fields, sights and beaches on Fårö is an ideal place to stay.

The farm’s unique accommodations

You can choose from cultural heritage or new buildings in the Gotland style. There are 75 beds in different houses to choose from. There is also a beach cottage with a rich birdlife and glorious sunrise views.

The old houses have been sympathetically renovated and there are apartments of various sizes to rent. The apartments in the newly built houses have sea views and many have disabled access with lifts and wide doors.

If you prefer a higher elevation looking out over the coastal meadows and sea, you can book the farm windmill, built of limestone in the 1820s. The mill was in use until 1932 but has now been converted into accommodation.

The farm restaurant

Gåsemora Gårdskrog is the farm restaurant. Here, guests are offered a taste of Fårö all year round, and can enjoy taster menus – whether you are here for a conference, wedding or for the Summer Evening at Gåsemora concept. 

Concerts are held in the old hay barn on the farm and many famous names include the venue in their summer tours.

At Gåsemora Gårdskrog, the food is based on local ingredients from the island and accompanied by a carefully selected drinks list. The restaurant opens earlier and closes later in the season to offer visitors and year-round residents a place to eat on Fårö when most other restaurants are closed.