Some classic Gotland dishes and drinks

Kajp soup

Kajp is a Gotland onion reminiscent of leeks. It grows wild in many of Gotland’s meadows. The soup is preferably served with bread for dipping.

Smoked flounder

European flounder, often just called flounder, is smoked and served with potato salad and other condiments. A delectable treat for any excursion. 


Lamb brisket that is lightly salted and boiled. The bones are removed, the meat is coated in breadcrumbs and mustard and is sautéed. Often served with mashed root vegetables. 

Saffron pancake

An oven-baked dessert reminiscent of cheesecake. Made from rice, cream, almonds and saffron. Served cold or slightly warmed with whipped cream and dewberry jam.

Dewberry jam

Dewberries grow in the wild. This berry is a relative of the blackberry, but requires lime-rich soil, which makes it thrive excellently on our island. An obvious accompaniment to saffron pancake. 


Gotland has a lot of local drinks to wet the whistle. Beer is made by Gotlands Bryggeri, Alskute Farm & Brewery, Jodu Beer, Snausarve Gårdsbryggeri, Hop Shed Brewery, Burgsviks Bryggeri and Barlingbo Bryggeri.


Distilling, tours and whisky tasting are on offer at Gotland Whisky in Roma’s old sugar mill. Gutevin also makes Whisky. 

Spirits and recycling

Hellströms Gin is an award-winning gin originating at Furillen. Boge Bränneri distils and flavours their spirits from fruit, berries and grains. Gotlands Spirits makes spirits from 100 percent recycled food through their collaboration with Stora Coop in Visby. 


Långmyre Vineri in Burgsvik is a KRAV-certified vineyard that started in 2018. When at full capacity, 26,000 bottles of wine are produced. At Näsudden there are vines that are transformed into wine at Gutevin. When northern Gotland’s pastorate produces its own
Communion wine from Gotland grapes, they also produce an alcohol-free version. 

Must and other delicious drinks

Halfvede Musteri in Dalhem makes delicious must from their customers’ own garden fruits. They also have their own products such as must, mulled wine and vinegar in the farm shop.

Gotland’s “drikke”

A home-brewed local malt beverage akin to ale. Its ingredients are malt, juniper, hops, water, some type of sugar and yeast.