Where to stay on Gotland

There are many different types of accommodation available on Gotland. You can stay in a hotel or youth hostel, rent a cottage, caravan, mobile home and camping sites. Gotland has everything from luxury five-star hotels to basic camping in the middle of nature.

Rent a cottage on Gotland

Stay in a cottage or apartment on Gotland. They are available for rent all round the island – from Fårö in the north to Sudret in south Gotland. If you want to swim, explore rauk fields and be close to beaches, booking a cottage close to the sea is an attractive option. If you want to feel the pulse of Visby or some other lively location with restaurants nearby, there is plenty of accommodation to choose from. You can also divide your stay into different places, to discover more of the island. There is so much to do and see on Gotland.

Cottages and apartments on Gotland.

Stay in a hotel or B&B

Gotland has many hotels and B&Bs, all round the island. Choose between modern and comfortable accommodation, or picturesque and idyllic options. The Medieval Hanseatic City of Visby offers a choice of comfortable beds and a delightful atmosphere while you can enjoy quieter and more rural accommodation outside Visby. You can also book package holidays including food, drink and other experiences, for both shorter and longer stays.

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Camping on Gotland

On Gotland there are a number of delightful camp sites many of which also have pitches for caravans and mobile homes as well as tents. Wherever you camp, you will be close to the sea or nature.

Facilities around the island vary in standard, which means you can choose between a more basic camp site, a five-star resort and everything in between. If you have children, it can be worth booking accommodation with activities for younger guests.

If you are camping in the open, you must remember the rules of right to roam. When you stay in nature, you must show consideration for wildlife, nature, landowners and other people. Always leave a place as you found it.