Cycling and hiking routes with Komoot

Explore Gotland from a natural perspective on winding hiking trails and beautiful cycling routes. Travel through the unique barren landscape, through rauk areas, coastal strips and past historical sights. With the Komoot tool, you can choose to follow a pre-planned route or get help to plan your own.

Let your outdoor adventure begin!

Linneaus Cave

  • Hiking
  • 01.01
  • 3.90 km

A walk that takes you past rocky landscapes, fire-ravaged forest areas, caves and fortifications. Linné’s Cave is one of the highlights of the walk, a cave that stretches twelve metres high and five metres deep and is reached via steps along the rock wall. Why it is called Linné’s Cave is a mystery, but we do know that Linné visited Torsburgen in the summer of 1741.

The walk starts from the car park.

Brucebo Nature Reserve

  • Hiking
  • 00:53
  • 3.27 km

A walk that includes a little bit of everything: Leafy paths, caves and picnic places with sea views. Brucebo Nature Reserve is particularly noted for a high rock formation that runs in parallel with the shore around a hundred meters in land. The top of these rocks offers excellent views of most parts of the nature reserve, the coast to the north, and sea to the west.

The trail starts just north of Visby.


  • Hiking
  • 00.35
  • 2.31 km

Dalhem Parish Association has done a fantastic job in developing this walking trail, that is genuinely worth a visit. Alongside the bridge across the river in the eastern section, is the perfect place to enjoy a drinks break before heading through the south section back to the starting point.

The trail starts at Vallgärdet.

Gravel biking – Ljugarn

  • Cycling
  • 8:29
  • 117 km

A winding route along beautiful gravel trails, through the nature reserve, fishing points and Rauk formations. The route includes lengthy beaches and BBQ and bathing points. The beautiful old church in Gammelgarn is well worth a visit.

The trail takes a full day, packed with experiences and views, history and unique nature. The trail ends at Grogarnsberget Nature Reserve where you can enjoy a well-earned coffee or picnic break.