Five Gotland Museum activities

If you like history and are looking for things to do on Gotland. Here are five activities with a historical theme from Gotland Museum. Gotland Museum is not only at the heart of the story of the island’s history, it also plays a key role in contemporary experiences and stories. Fascinating city walks, inspiring exhibitions, fun activities for children and invitations to explore the world of art are just some of the things you can engage in.

Popular city walks in Visby

Gotland Museum guided city walks in Visby start in April. If you would like to find out more about some of the walks introduced below, click on the calendar at

Ring wall, roses and ruins  – Join us on a walk in the knowledgeable hands of Gotland Museum guides who will explain about many fascinating stories about Visby through the ages.

The city inside the wall  – Visby is a magical city, where Medieval houses, church ruins and  towers along the city wall can be seen in all directions. Gotland Museum is a keyholder of the World Heritage city of Visby. This walk takes you inside locked doors to view many buildings from the inside.

Visby Ring Wall Walk – This walk around the Visby ring wall is self-explanatory. The views from the wall and its amazing silhouette are a real experience alone. The wall itself has both a thrilling and horrifying past. Conflict between the city and governing assembly of Gotland led to a bloody civil war in 1288. Join us on a walk where guides present a spine-chilling story about the history of the castle that was blown up, about the Gunpowder Tower and the oldest part of the wall, about the prison tower Kajsarn and the Rogue’s House at Norderport.

Journeys of discovery and exhibitions at Fornsalen

Fornsalen is located in the centre of the World Heritage city of Visby. It contains all kinds of things to do and see for all ages. You can take a closer look at Gotland’s unique picture stones and the world’s largest horde of Viking Age silver, Spillingsskatten, which was detected in a field in 1999. Here you will also find exciting graves and objects from the Stone Age to the Viking Age, church art and an extensive Medieval exhibition. At Fornsalen, you can also delve deep into Gotland’s oldest history, when the island was a coral reef south of the equator, with 430 million-year-old fossils. In the exhibition, you can learn all about fossils that are still found on the island’s shores today.

Children’s favourite – Ship Fun:

Ship Fun is the Gotland Museum children’s exhibition at Fornsalen. Here you can sail boats, dress up as Vikings and learn to tie knots. There are play and educational areas for both young and old. Children and adults can play together and at the same time learn what the sea has meant and still means to Gotland. Transport, fishing, trade, tourism, plus how Gotlanders have always headed out to other countries and cultures and engaged in exchanges of various kinds. A delightful mix of learning and play.

Art from several eras

If you are interested in art, there are great opportunities to nourish your soul. Gotland Art Museum is a combined exhibition, art collection and place to meet..

Art Life then and now – Gotland Art Museum has an exhibition Art Life that provides insights into the world of art both yesterday and today. Contemporary art and older art are exhibited here, with everything from paintings and drawing to sculpture and videos. Art Life is based on the museum art collection and also looks at issues related to collecting art. 

Visit an outdoor museum and enjoy a coffee break

Norrbys – perfect for families with children – Norrby Outdoor Museum in Väte reflects life on Gotland in the 1930s – 1940s. It was originally a farm and home to three siblings who lived here from the early 20th Century until the farm was bequeathed to Gotland Museum. The outdoor museum is very child-friendly with tours and a garden café, where you can eat delicious sandwiches, saffron pancakes and home-baked Danish pastries. You can also explore an authentic merchant cabin with a counter and period goods dating from the 1930s.

Coffee among roses  Petes is a popular visitor destination beautifully situated along the coast in Hablingbo. Gotland’s first female pharmacist, Ada Block, lived here when it was a typical Gotland farm. The lovely grounds have a magnificent display of roses including several older varieties. There is also a café and a restaurant here, with a glazed door looking on to the sea.

Opening hours and more info

Fornsalen, museum shop and café – October to April: 11.00-16.00. May to September: 10.00-18.00. The museum has free entry for under 20s and museum members.

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