Outdoor life on Gotland – Cycling, running and hiking

80 kilometres of coastline is inviting. But Gotland offers more to those who want to run, cycle and hike. From comfortable walks along beautiful hiking trails and electric bike excursions on flat ground to demanding mountain bike races or long-distance races in tough terrain.

For bike enthusiasts

Gotland Bike Park – Lots of routes for any bike lover, with its epicentre in the Slite area. Road cycling and MTB.

Gotland’s bike rental in Visby – MTB for a day on Södra Hällarna, package offer including a tent and comfortable bike for exploring Visby over the course of a day.

Hiking at your own pace

There are many beautiful hiking trails to choose from which are also perfect for long runs. Three of the most scenic and appreciated are:

Klintkustleden trail
– Possibly the most beautiful in Sweden. Starts in Hall in north-western Gotland. It traverses cliffs, meadows, beaches and forest, finally ending in Lummelunda – 30 kilometres of beauty with barbecue pits and overnight accommodations available.

The Pilgrim trail between Fröjel and Klinte – Eight kilometres of lush forest, outlooks from high cliffs and the amazing view of the Karlsöarna islands. Or take the Pilgrim trail that goes from St. Olofsholm in north-east Gotland to the Solberga abbey ruins in Visby. It takes about two days to make the trek.

Södra Hällarna – The locals love this beautiful spot, just south of Visby harbour. There are several short hikes here. Bring your dog, or bike if you like – And be sure not to miss the sunset over the sea.