If you like Sea Cliffs and Acient Castles

The magnificent sea cliffs have a barren and inscrutable feel. The view from these high points is often breath-tak-ing on what is otherwise a flat island. These are great places to visit if you want to get a panorama view or just want to experience the insignificance of man.


With 15 kilometres of rocky coastline, open rocky outcrops and Gotland-swept pine trees, you can take a long and gruelling walk.
Brucebo – In Brucebo you can take in the views from the cliff edge or make your way down to bird-rich beach meadows and a cliff face with several enrapturing caves. Up on the cliff itself, the typical Gotland pine trees grow close together, often gnarled and low-grown in the windswept landscape.


Just south of Visby is one of the most popular outlooks on Gotland. At 48 metres above sea level, the view is heavenly. Here, the residents of Gotland and visitors often gather to take in the beautiful light of the sunset. Many weddings have been immortalised here, with the sea as their backdrop. There are several foot paths around Högklint, such as the one to Ynge fishing hamlet.


When the Ice Age ended, the area rose up like a plateau with falling sides. During the Iron Age and Viking age, people used the hillfort to build an impreg-nable stronghold – the largest prehistoric defence in the Nordic region. A substantial fire ravaged the area in 1992 and changed the surroundings, but many species of insects, plants and fungi actually benefited from the new environment.


Steeps with collapsed rocks and a winding road along the coast frame Grogarnsberget. Though it only 30 metres to the highest point, the view is extraordinary. At the tip of the hill, referred to as Grog-arnshuvud, there is an old bunker and the remains of an ancient Viking fortress.