Tastefull impressions

All year round you can find exciting flavours amongst the island’s many restaurants and farm shops. As autumn nears, discover everything from Gotland truffles and whisky to a harvest festival.

Gotland is a culinary center all year round. And there are many who claim that it is particularly in the autumn and spring that you can experience the best flavours on the island. After the heat of August starts to fade and the stillness that follows the hectic summer months begins to approach, the season of colourful taste sensations begins. Not only does Gotland have a high-quality selection of off-season restaurants, but it is also during the autumn that the colourful harvest festival takes place and the truffles begin to ripen for harvesting. There is something special about sitting down in the warmth of one of the island’s many inviting restaurants while the autumn winds howl outside the door, don’t you think?

When the spring sun and heat slowly begin to return, restaurants and farm shops once again begin to feature early produce, the flavours of which are influenced by “Terroir” – the interplay of climate and soil conditions, which are so special on the island. Perhaps it will inspire you too cook something new, or perhaps you will let chefs do the honour of displaying their craft in the shifting environment that defines the limestone paradise in the middle of the Baltic.

Annual truffle festivalt

For those interested in learning more about Gotland’s black gold and tasting truffle combinations, there is a reason to travel that you should book into your calendar. Yearly in November, the annual truffle festival will take place. Here, the Gotland truffle will take centre stage. In addition to seminars, markets and ceremonies dedicated to the theme of truffles, many of the island’s chefs will find inspiration during this weekend in November. They will offer their interpretations of truffle-themed after work events and truffle menus at their restaurants. 

Read more and make your reservations at gotlandstryffelfestival.se

Colourful harvest festival

In September, it is once again time for the annual folk festival applauding the fragrances, flavours and traditions of Gotland. During the first weekend in September every year, the island’s harvest period will be celebrated. This is the perfect time to get familiar with the entire chain of earth to table and to get to know those behind food production and the island’s culinary offerings. As the festival is particularly keen on welcoming children and youths, it offers many opportunities to meet live animals and learn more through activities and exhibitions. 

Read more about the event at gotlandsskordefestival.se

Gotland whiskyy

It was 2016 when the first batch of whisky was finally ready in Roma Sockerbruk. The old industry buildings now house a modern distillery where about 24,000 litres of organic malt whisky are produced annually. The first of their whiskies was a single malt named Isle of Lime. Since then, a number of varieties have been released, all of which are made from organic barley that grows near the distillery. The water is fetched directly from the limestone bedrock, while drying, malting and smoking take place in Ronehamn in southern Gotland. It is simply a craftfully made whisky with the genuine flavour of Gotland. If you are interested in this amber spirit, you can visit the sugar mill for a guided tour. In the same building you will find the Gotlandssnus snuff factory, yet another company that is local to the island.

To learn more about whisky and getting a guided tour, see gotlandwhisky.se