5 Accommodations on Gotland

Gotland offers a wide range of accommodation to suit all tastes. Whether you want to live modern, bohemian or quaint, there is something to suit you. We have put together five special accommodations that are worth a visit.


Experience countryside luxury at the Strandakar hotel and restaurant. The design hotel is located in south-east Gotland and has twelve modern rooms with their own outdoor terrace and generous bathroom. In the courtyard, herbs are growing and beehives are producing honey. In his restaurant, head chef Andreas uses produce from the island. In the large, quiet garden there is a plethora of orchids and birds as well as graves from the Bronze and Iron Ages.den features a variety of orchids and birds, as well as Bronze and Iron Age tombs.

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Hotel Stelor

If you prefer a more relaxed stay on Gotland, this farmhouse environment will fit the bill. Guests arriving at Stelor are greeted by free range chickens  before entering this tastefully styled limestone hotel. The restaurant menu is based on seasonal produce sourced from Gotland farms. And when you are ready for bed, you will be nestling in organic bedding and wake up to morning coffee in cups created by local ceramists.

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You will find paradise at Surflogiet in the shade of centuries-old dwarf pines on the west side of Gotland. With lapping waves as your alarm clock and the beach just outside your tent, Surflogiet is a place for being in the now and getting close to nature. You will enjoy a good night’s sleep on a Hästens bed before a day of riding the waves on your surfboard. Later, you can enjoy a delicious, ecological meal with locally produced beverages at the bar, with the island’s most beautiful view.

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Fårösund Fortress

At Fårösund Fortress, time stands still and you can just be. Take a dip in the pool, read a book or simply enjoy the beautiful, secluded location on the Bungenäs coast. The fortress was built in 1885 and later turned into a unique hotel. The decor is typically Gotlandic with GAD furniture and the kitchen is filled with tasty local ingredients – simple and of course with a nice touch of luxury.

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Grå Gåsen

Grå Gåsen is a cosy and stylish boutique hotel with a delightful garden. In summer, you can relax by the pool, or spend time in a wood-fired hot tub and sauna. The hotel is located on Storsudret in the south of Gotland, and is a rural hub with a good range of restaurants and vibrant culture. 

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