Farm shops and local produce on Gotland

In addition to spending time on the beautiful beaches and exploring rauk fields, Gotland also has numerous farm shops. On Gotland, you can eat superb locally produced food and visit places linked to farming, food production and the living agricultural landscape.

Norrbys Museigård

In Väte, 25 kilometres south of Visby, is Norrby museigård, a unique outdoor museum on Gotland. Here you can experience what life was like on a farm here in the 1930s. The entire farm environment has been preserved and the interiors remain untouched. Vegetables typical for the period are grown in the kitchen garden. In summer there are pigs, chickens, rabbits and sheep.

This is a delightful place to take children for the day. Children can dress in period clothes and help with chores such as folding laundry and carding wool. In the old storehouse, there is a café which, in addition to serving coffee, sells flour from the mill and honey from the farm’s bees.

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Don’t miss the farm shops when you are on Gotland.

Farm shops

Gotland has plenty of farm shops. There you can buy products directly from the source without intermediaries. Many stores are unmanned, and rely on visitors putting money in an honesty box or paying by card.

The farm shops are an important reminder of where our food comes from. They are also an important source of income for many producers. 

Der The farm shop is coming to town

Reko-ring Visby is based on a simple idea. On the group’s Facebook page, consumers have the opportunity to become members and order food directly from producers who advertise their current range.

Buyers and producers then meet at set times in Visby. As a consumer, you get access to locally grown, high-quality food and the opportunity to meet the producer.

Another advantage is that the supplier knows in advance how much needs to be delivered and can bring exactly as much as is ordered. Sustainable and flexible. Something for you? Search for Reko-ring Visby on Facebook.

The farming of the future

Hallfreda Gård in Follingbo is run by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU. Research and development is carried out on the farm in collaboration with Hushållningssällskapet, a society that supports agriculture on Gotland and mainland Sweden. New types of crops are tested and trials are made with old types of grain such as spelt.

Another exciting research area is a partnership with the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH) that is investigating the benefits of using algae as fertiliser. Gotland farmers have traditionally used algae in the form of seaweed and sea grass that wash ashore onto the island.

Sustainability is a consistent theme for work on the farm. Passing visitors are welcome, or if you are looking for something interesting to do on your holiday on Gotland.