Practical guide for visitors

What is the best way of travelling round the island and what do you need to think about when you are out in nature? This practical and handy guide offers tips on how to plan your stay on Gotland.

Getting around Gotland

Public Transport can take you all over the island all year round. Download the Gotlands Kollektivtrafik app for information about timetables and tickets.

Fårö ferry departs from Fårösund all year round. The journey takes six minutes and is completely free of charge.

Bike is a great way of getting around Gotland. Car-free cycle routes run from Visby to both Klintehamn and Lummelunda. There are numerous bike rent locations around the island.

Out in nature

Gotland has a unique nature and no fewer than 147 nature reserves that you can explore during your stay. But please remember to protect nature.

Wherever you are on the island, you are never more than 25 km from the sea. However, think safety before entering the water. Many swimming points have a platform that extends into the water. When you reach the end of the platform there is a sharp drop to deeper water. And bear in mind, possible strong currents.

Town centres on Gotland

Visby is the largest population centre on Gotland with around 26,000 inhabitants and extensive enterprise and service sectors.

Hemse, Slite and Klinte are other towns with stores and places to eat. Slite and Hemse both have alcohol retailing shops.

A vibrant countryside

The Gotland countryside has plenty of hidden treasures. Keep your eyes peeled on the winding country roads for signs advertising flea markets, farm shops and other local delights.

The people of Gotland are very proud of where they live and work and help ensure the island has such a vibrant feel in both town and countryside.