Lilla Bjers – an organic oasis

This organic enterprise includes a farm restaurant, shop and its own crop fields, seven kilometres from Visby. A tranquil rural oasis but still close to the city. That is what makes Lilla Bjers a genuine Gotland treasure.

In 2022, Lilla Bjers celebrated its 25th Anniversary under the management of Margareta and Göran Hoa. In September 2022, Lilla Bjers Gårdskrog was named “Best Organic Restaurant in the EU” by the European Commission and EESC EU Organic Awards.

“This is a very prestigious award that has had a great impact throughout Europe. We are immensely proud and thrilled about the award,” says Margareta Hoa.

The enterprise has always worked in an organic way, and the farm was officially certified organic in 2001. The farm restaurant was opened in 2012 and proved a turning point for the Hoa family. Today, over 200 varieties of different crops are grown on the farm. Some are grown every year, such as strawberries, potatoes and asparagus, while others are experimental.

The soil contributes to the quality of everything that grows on the farm

“All our vegetables have a very light, fresh and delicious taste. We can take some of the credit, but it’s the soil that make all the difference,” says Göran Hoa.

“Plus they get to grow at their own pace, without us pressuring them,” adds Margareta.

Lilla Bjers is in many ways a year-round carousel, with its own cultivation and the small farm shop that is open all year round. In the summer, exciting dishes are served in the restaurant with the focus on the raw ingredients. In December, lunch and dinner feature traditional Christmas dishes and the farm shop also sells Christmas trees. “The menu varies all the time during each season, depending on which vegetables are best at the time,” says Margareta.

The enterprise has always been organic

A home-grown food experience

During the evenings, the farm restaurant serves a taster menu of around five dishes, and lunch is based on what has been harvested that day. The concept assumes that everything served is 100 percent organic and home-grown, in the form of pared-down fine dining. .

Guests can stroll around the farm where the crops grow, and then eat what has been harvested from these same fields in the restaurant.

“This concept is a big challenge for our chefs,” says Margareta.

“But it also gives them great pleasure,” Göran adds.

Our chefs sometimes moan about this and that, such as the brown butter and herb vinaigrette made from rhubarb juice and fermented leek we have on the menu. The A to Z is that what is served on the plate is “real food”. The wine list is based on wines from organically certified vineyards in France and Italy.

Green Table – A concept close to field and farm

Lilla Bjers is being continuously developed. One recent addition was around 500 fruit trees, 750 vines and greenhouse cultivation of edible snails, which are served in the restaurant during the season.

“We now have thirteen bee hives on the farm. The bees help with pollination and produce fantastic honey,” says Margareta.

This year-round treasure is within cycling distance of Visby in green surroundings and a beautiful farm setting. Here the Hoa family and staff invite you to enjoy organic food in the heart of the glorious Gotland countryside.

About the farm

Lilla Bjers is an organic enterprise with a restaurant, shop and that grows its own food. It is owned and managed by the Hoa family and is located in Västerhejde on Gotland. The farm spans approx. 19 hectares, of which 5 hectares are vegetable plots plus some 50 hectares of woodland.